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The Coastal Electrostatic System is an end to end solution for infection prevention.  Disinfecting and sanitizing has never been more effective. By using safer, more environmentally friendly, and easy to use solutions than traditional infection control programs, it delivers superior performance. Preventing outbreaks, controlling infections. Works in Classrooms, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Child Care Facilities, Restaurants, Gyms, School Buses, Dormitories, and more.

The Windings at The Lakes

Food Service Industry


The Windings, a five-star assisted living facility, was experiencing infectious outbreaks that required the frequent closure of its restaurant-style dining room. From 2016-2017, there were five such outbreaks in just 10 months. The 1- to 2-week closures were unwelcome to guests and costly for the facility, which needed additional staff to deliver daily meals to residents. Most outbreaks occurred during the winter months.​


In November of 2017, The Windings began using The Coastal Electrostatic System, a comprehensive sanitizing and infection control program. We began sanitizing the dining room 3-5 times a week during the winter months, when infection rates tended to be highest. From November to January, there was not a single dining room closing. The only change in protocol was the addition of the Coastal Electrostatic System.


“The disinfectant treatment that was piloted at the Windings using the Coastal Electrostatic System has proven to be a huge success… This is part of our weekly sanitation…The staff loves [The Coastal Electrostatic System]…What a fantastic infection control intervention!!”– Patricia Brown, Faciltiy Manager​

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