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Premium Home Watching Services

We would like to introduce ourselves to you, We are Coastal Service and we provide HOME WATCH services. We have been Home Watching in Palm Beach & Broward County since 2005. We are priced right and provide professional Home Watch and Inspection services conducted by our owner, who is a State of Florida licensed General Contractor, with over 20 years  experience in the field.

Leaving your home alone and empty for an extended period of time used to be stressful and time consuming. Let COASTAL SERVICE take the stress and anxiety of leaving your home out of the equation. Whether there's an emergency or you just need someone to check in to make sure everything is where it should be and in working order, we have you covered. We'll be there when you can’t. 

Here’s some of what we will do for you:




  • Walk perimeter of your South Florida home for general security

  • Ensure that landscape lighting and exterior coach lights are operational

  • Inspect for proper water flow at condensation lines from HVAC system

  • Confirm that pool/spa areas are properly cleaned and maintained

  • Ensure all HOA requirements are being met

  • Inspect lawn for brown/dead spots

  • Inspect exterior wall paint/stain

  • Check for water or storm damage

  • Check for signs of vandalism or trespassing

  • Inspect windows, door frames, and sliding doors for wood rot and damage

  • Check for visible irrigation leaks, distressed plants and weeds

  • Confirm that pickets and hand rails are securely fastened

  • Check that irrigation timer has power

  • Remove any literature from front doorways and driveways

  • Inspect roofing is clear of debris and tree limbs

  • Test exterior fans



  • Check all doors and windows to ensure all are locked and secure

  • Test doorbells before entering

  • Check for unwanted pests

  • Inspect ceilings and walls for moisture and water intrusion

  • Run all faucets

  • Flush all toilets

  • Run dishwasher and garbage disposal

  • Check temperature for refrigerator and freezer, and air condition temperature

  • Run washing machine

  • Check water heater and softener for leaks

  • Check air filters and change when needed smoothly 

  • Start golf cart and automobiles to help keep batteries charged and engines running

  • Refill water evaporation buckets as needed

  • Retrieve mail and packages

  • Test all lighting: replace dead bulbs and inventory supplies

  • Test ceiling fans

  • Breaker box: inspect for tripped breakers, water intrusion

  • Confirm thermostats operating correctly and set to desired temperature

  • Inspect condition of grout/caulk in shower and bath tubs

For more information, pricing and a list of additional services please call me personally at (561) 441-4450.

Thank you for the opportunity…!


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